“I do not know that I have the right set of words to best describe the deeply valuable impact coaching with Kusum has had on me in a few short weeks, but I will try my hardest. I had just begun to work on healing myself using all the assistance I could get after a particularly challenging postpartum period, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. However, my general dissatisfaction and discomfort pre-date these challenging few months and go all the way back to my formative years as a child growing up in India, and I do not believe I would have learned that as quickly as I did had it not been for Kusum.

I was part of the Mastermind Group Coaching program led by Kusum, during which time I gained deep insights into my goals, “why” I have the goals I do, whether or not the choices I made in the day-to-day align well with my life’s “big picture” and what I can begin to do to align my most mundane choices with my life’s biggest goals. Throughout this period, I have been positive, happy, and looking forward to making long-lasting changes for a life filled with successes and contentment.

Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of work, but it is able to be done with a coach such as Kusum working with you. While arguably all of us feel stuck in the rut of ordinary life from time to time and those priorities take over our calendars and minds, I was grateful to have the opportunity to quit making excuses for myself and truly commit the time and effort it has taken to go on this path of self-discovery with Kusum walking alongside, asking probing questions, listening without judgment, and gently nudging me to be my own biggest cheerleader.

If you are looking for ways to optimize your life and need guidance to see that you’re capable of taking calculated risks and achieving your life’s dreams, I wholeheartedly recommend life coaching with Kusum.

What is uniquely great about Kusum is that she draws from her own rich life experiences and decades of practice with self-coaching and self-improvement, and doesn’t just present to you content that you might find off of the internet. I personally appreciate her tough-love approach, she is honest and forthcoming.

Often others see in you great qualities you yourself miss. Kusum makes it a point to remind you to appreciate yourself and be proud of yourself when you make progress, but also with kindness tells you to buck up if there are indications that you have fallen off the wagon.

If you are expecting a cookie-cutter set of skills or tips to make “lifestyle changes,” that is not what you will get, because each person is different and what works for someone may not work for others. Just as I was, you too will be pleasantly surprised to learn how much customization and 1:1 effort goes into life coaching with Kusum.

Despite being in a group setting, I was able to develop habits, insights, skills that were effective for the type of person I am, and others in the group said the same thing about their own experience. Our sessions have been power-packed with the potential for several breakthroughs. I am excitedly looking forward to working 1:1 with Kusum to continue to break barriers and truly lead the life I have always wanted to.”

— Alka Mysore, Washington DC

Techie, Wife & Mom



“I decided to enroll in this mastermind because I needed clarity with my life. I felt so spread out between so many different things because there’s so much that I want to accomplish in my life but enrolling in this mastermind helped me realize what my true values are. It helped me understand how to make decisions in alignment with what I truly want for myself. 

Before enrolling I thought to myself “How can I get the help that I need for my journey when everyone in the group is on a completely different path?” Honestly, I learned so much more from everyone than I ever thought I could have BECAUSE everyone was coming from a different walk of life. To see how someone so different lives their daily lives gave me perspective as to how and why I live mine like I do. 

If I hadn’t joined this group I honestly think that I’d still be pursuing a business that I was only in for the money while my heart was in a completely different business. With the help of the deep rooted and specific questions asked in the mastermind, I was able to admit to myself things that I hid away for so long. I allowed myself to be the person I wanted to and not the person my parents wanted me to be. 

One of the things that I loved was that every single session I came out with so many different takeaways and so many realizations about myself. One of my key takeaways was that your passion is for you and your purpose is for others. That’s so extremely powerful that I had to think to get my head around but it makes so much sense!

Other powerful questions that were asked during our sessions were “How bad do you really want it?” and “Are you progressing as fast as you could be?” These were so important for me to hear because I knew I could be progressing faster but I just needed help figuring out how, which is exactly what life coaches are for!

I also loved being around others who are actively looking to do better for themselves and for others. I loved being surrounded with this energy because then it would only multiply. Our meetings were definitely one of my favorite parts of my mornings!

All in all, my first ever mastermind group life coaching experience was beautiful. It created an open space for me to talk, reflect, and exist. I’m so grateful that I decided to be part of it. And big thank you to Kusum for all of the shifts that have helped me reframe parts of my life. I’m excited for many more to come!

P.S. Kusum, I think you’re absolutely crazy in the best way possible LOL! When you speak the things that you do it comes from a place of your own personal experience. Everything that you have accomplished and continue to accomplish is very inspiring. What better life coach can you have other than the one who can tell you something because she’s already been there!”


— Trisha Jo Dumayas, Irvine, CA

Singer, Data Analyst, Owner of a Bookkeeping & E-Commerce Business



“At 56 years old you would think that I would have everything figured out by now. There’s your very first mistake! At any age we can learn new things about ourselves. New strengths, create new goals and learn to make an even greater impact in the world. It means putting in the hard work, sharing the scary stuff we all hide, and admitting we aren’t as perfectly put together as everyone thinks we are.

It also means having the right person to guide you on this new path. Someone who will tell you the hard truths. Someone who will know when to push and when to stay quiet while you digest that first “a-ha” moment. And the next one. And the next. Until you realize you are reaching and achieving goals you never knew were possible.

At 56, I joined Mastermind. A group of women lead by Life Coach, Kusum Basavaraju. Her soft voice hides a steeliness that is needed to take us all places we never thought possible. 

From the first session to the last, Kusum guided us through the steps we needed to recognize strengths, weaknesses, ways to reframe our mindset.  Each day she asked us to step into our own, give our best, for ourselves. In the background she gives 200% to her clients. She reads between the lines of our answers to the prompts given and creates new questions, notices trends, points out areas for more work. She asks us to dig deeper for greater insight. Why? Because she believes in each of us and truly wants us all to reach our greatest potential. 

You can clearly see that Kusum has found her passion and purpose in this life and it reflects in all aspects of this journey we are on! There isn’t anyone else I’d want to share, learn and grow with than someone who supports, encourages and guides like Kusum!  

During our sessions, Kusum’s visualizations  had the greatest impact. This is where I learned to always have my pad and pen ready for a flurry of notes as I gained clarity into my new purpose. 

I never knew what I was missing. Yes, I’ve had a career. Yes, I have supportive family and friends. It really isn’t the same as having someone in your corner who sees the possibilities that are not impossible for you. She sees the More that you can become and she helps to get you there, if you are willing to do the hard stuff. 

And thank goodness I was! I look forward to all the newly re-found confidence to shake the trees and shake the world! Don’t miss out by saying No. Say yes, for yourself and for everyone you will impact.”


— Kathy R, Seattle, WA

Swim Instructor, Aquatics Director & Life Blogger



“I was initially planning 1:1 sessions with Kusum. But, because of time and money constraints, I jumped at the thought of a group session with her. I have met her only once and was impressed with her boldness and her direct attitude. After I reconnected with her after many years, I was truly impressed with how much she had made of her life. At the same time, she put out that she got certified from Jay Shetty and was planning on life coaching. What a way for things to fall in place!!

I came into group coaching thinking I will learn best practices and process which when followed will make me happier, confident and successful. But little did I expect the changes that happened during the process. She made us dig deep, go to those uncomfortable corners which you are scared to visit and unearth such nuggets about why we are how we are!! This was so insightful and such an eye-opener, that it’s not the practices and process that I seek but a deeper understanding and rediscovery of my true self!! 

Kusum made us realise that all the answers lay in the way we thought and by putting small consistent efforts and betting on yourself, will make us realise all our goals and much more!! I am much happier and more optimistic now and I can see myself moving towards those goals.

Now coming to how she gave to this session!! She has to meet us weekly, that was the initial expectation. But she took the whole program to a much higher level by giving here 1000%. She used to post daily thoughtful prompts, respond to our replies on the prompts asking us to dig deeper, connect dots etc till we got what she saw in us. The cherry on the cake was her inspiring us through personal stories but in the end asking us our takeways and insights from the whole process. Truly truly awesome!

Kusum went above and beyond all our expectations that  I finally decided to sign up for 1:1!! She is able to provide so much insights because she herself has done so much work on herself and become a person which people can truly learn from and get inspired.”

— Shilpa G, Bangalore, India

Software Industry Professional



When I was signing myself up for this program, I was under the impression that Life Coaching is only for people who have to deal with challenges in personal and professional life. But I went ahead and signed up for it anyway purely because of the blind faith I had in Kusum.

Two weeks into this course, my thoughts around life coaching changed. I realised, the sessions were hitting me in the right areas to put me on a path of self discovery. The tools Kusum offered via her sessions and the insights I gained through the assignments are priceless. Another important aspect that makes this program stand apart are the prompts  that she exclusively put up for the group in the Mastermind Facebook group to keep us motivated.

The layout of the course was perfectly chalked out. It started from addressing my everyday tiny habits and ended with discovering my superpowers. In a relatively short period of time, I genuinely felt a connection with Kusum. I cannot think of anyone else to coach me in achieving my dreams and goals. I love myself for taking up this course and thank my stars to have come across Kusum and her power-packed program.

Kusum doesn’t buttercoat her feedback. Its straight-forward and on-point. 

In this short period of 2 months, she established a relationship with me that put me at ease. This helped me open up and talk about my flaws about which she wasn’t one bit judgemental. 

The most important quality that sets her apart from many is the passion towards her craft. Her eagerness to help others and the confidence she exudes while doing it is just amazing.”


— Teja Arigela, Seattle, USA

Homemaker & Entrepreneur



“Coaching with Kusum has been one of the most awesome and powerful experiences of my life! I came into coaching unsure of what the outcome may be, I knew I wanted to develop and understand who I really was since I always felt a piece of the real me is missing and solidify my goals in life, but never knew how to go about that.

Through 2+ months with Kusum it was just unbelievable how great it was to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve!

The sessions with Kusum provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me identify the changes I wanted to make and these changes have had a major impact on my life and people around me! I have now started to live a bold life that I love and will continue to use what I have learned from my coaching for years to come.

Kusum is a great listener and a fantastic human who would make anyone get the sense of comfort when chatting with her! Kusum’s energy is just very contagious! She is extremely personable and has the ability to connect with her clients quickly at whatever stage they are in and is such a patient soul, brings so much insight through life experiences in pursuit of goals and dreams and always keeps you focused and accountable for yourself!!

Kusum’s techniques truly allows your strengths to be realized, your journey to be appreciated and a great sense of purpose to be obtained in life.” 

— Samhitha A, California, USA

Techie, Wife & Mom



“After doing Kusum’s mastermind I feel I have a new confidence in my path on where I want to go.  She helped me get past some fear I was feeling and is very motivational and her story is inspiring. 

She is an incredible person and she is caring yet doesn’t sugarcoat things, which is what I needed. I’m now ready to do the work and not get too caught up in the result but just to enjoy the process.”

— Greer R, California, USA

Photographer & Mom




— Julie Cremoux, Mountain View, California

Certified Life Coach



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